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A Bland and Deadly Courtesy
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Sunday, June 24th, 2007

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Strange behavior by OpenOffice
(Ignore the following unless you know OpenOffice, or just enjoy hearing about strange software behaviors.)

I am using OpenOffice 2.0 (v.1.9.129) running on Ubuntu Linux.  It should be noted that my main drive, all 4 gigs of it, is nearly full, which has caused strange behaviors before (I can no longer run Firefox, for example).  I do my work on a "work" drive, which has plenty of room, but the lack of space on the main drive (951.8m free--when did that become lack of space?) might still be an issue.  Also, the subdocuments are rich text "rtf" files.

Thanks to a macro by netmouse, all the files, originally written in emacs, are now successfully ported to OO.  I'm using a master document and subdocuments, where each subdocument is a chapter.  I would like the master document to produce the chapter number and name in the footer.  The procedure for doing so is as follows: Define the numbering style, and associate it with a "header."  I used "Heading2".   Give all chapter names in the subdocuments the attributes of "Heading2".  In the master document, define a footer, and insert the field "chapter name and number" into it.

In trying to figure out why this wasn't working, I discovered that the following is happening.

1. Open chap01.rtf.  2. Select the chapter name.  3. Give it the attributes "Heading2."  4. Verify that the name has the  attribute by placing my cursor on it, and watching the style display say, "Heading2".  5. Save the file.  6. Verify the attribute again.  7. Close the file.  8. Open the file.  9. Check the attribute.  It now says something like "WW-Heading21"

What the FUCK?

I also noticed, before, some slightly strange behavior with cases.  That is, I would select and modifty "Heading1" and then apply it to a section only to have it turn into "heading1" and thus not recognize the attributes I'd selected.

Um...it seems like something is seriously broken here.  The business of the file changing after being saved and closed--uh, I've never heard of ANYthing doing that.

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